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Remember 250 foot altitude

Avoid all manned aircraft.

Before you fly call 818-780-4993 for Van Nuys runway information.

We are not permitted to fly when Runway 34 is in use

Do not fly over the entrance road .

Give way to all low flying manned aircraft

Land imediatly If there is  a hovering manned helicopter


After 69 years  the AMA

has recognised

the San Fernando Flyers as a

Leader Group  with Gold Status

Until Further notice all club meetings have been postponed

For general questions regarding park operations, please contact:  

Apollo Field  Update

The Field is still open for open flying.

Due to COVID-19, our current agreement with LA Parks states that we can’t host any organized events at the field.  Because of COVID-19, all previously scheduled future events at the field are cancelled/postponed until further notice.

Stay tuned

250 Foot Max Altitude!!

The Club has been getting calls from the Van Nuys Tower. 

There are  people that are flying  over the 250 foot limit! 

There have been reports that our planes are showing up on the Tower’s equipment, and there have been reports filed by pilots as they are taking off out of Van Nuys Airport.

  We need to be vigilant and make sure that everyone stays under our current altitude limit. 

So far, all of us have been doing great at staying below the limit, and we don’t want the FAA to get involved and shut us down.

  So please, if you see someone who is flying high, remind them that they can get the field shut down

for ALL of us.

Thank you.

  Valley Flyers

Rememberance for Tony Di Leo on

'Upcoming Events' page


We are in danger of losing our flying field

We are not allwed to fly when there is a reverse pattern in operation for Van Nuys Airport

We are not permitted to fly when Runway 34 is in use

We have been given notice that people are stil flying when under this condition and we are liable to to lose our field

One person can ruin it for everyone, please be considerate